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HANJI WALLPALER - soonsoo series

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[ Specification ]


Hanji wallpaper – soonsoo series


Hanji wallpaper was developed in a machinery roll style which is possible to mass-produce for the first time in Korea.


There are various relevant products. As it is recognized as the finest class products in Korea, it is being supplied in bulk to the official residence of UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, palaces, Tower-palace, etc.


Besides, there are diffusion Hanji wallpaper products anyone can use as well as point wallpaper products printed with Korean painting art works. 

•   for interior; wallpaper 
•   for craft

•   finest quality and unique pattern with natural paper mulberry fiber

•   can apply with natural glue

•   thicker than usual hanji wallpaper

•   no need for a lining paper as its high opacity

•   various colors


•   90cm*18m (roll type)
•   colors : beige1, beige2, charcoal1, charcoal2










[ Company introduction ] 


Chunyang P&B Co., Ltd. is trying to contribute to human society through the integration of creative future management and traditional culture industry.

As a Hanji manufacturing company with around half-century history, we are in the lead for the future of Hanji.


We are making constant effort to provide the best products in the fields of top quality traditional Hanji, Printing Hanji, and Eco-friendly Hanji wallpaper. 

Besides, to secure our future competitiveness, we completed the remarkable business performance in the bio-field based on substances extracted from Hanji raw materials and have been preparing sustained growth.


Not satisfied with our current position from now on, we promise customers’ support as technological innovations. 




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HANJI WALLPALER _ easy series

HANJI WALLPALER _ easy series

HANJI WALLPALER _ easy series

HANJI WALLPALER _ easy series